The Process

We use a completely non-toxic, quick setting product to take a detailed impression of your child's hands and /or feet.
That impression is used to create an amazing three dimensional sculpture, cast form the highest quality long life stone, showing and incredible amount of detail, including tiny lines, wrinkles and sometimes even fingerprints!
The sculptures are finished in Gold, Champagne or Silver and presented in a professionally crafted frame with an engraved plaque.
The appointment takes around 45 minutes at our Narre Warren South office, the hospital or your home (for a call-out fee), and your completed masterpiece will usually be ready in around 4-6 weeks.
Your appointment will not be rushed; Tuesday's Child takes the time to make sure your children are relaxed and comfortable so the best possible impressions can be taken. We like this to be a fun and memorable experience for you and your children.
We have a large range of frame styles and background colours for you to choose from and we take the time to ensure the frame, mat-board and layout of the frame reflect you and your child's personality and home.
There is no age limit! We can create beautiful sculptures for children of any age, and family groups can also be accommodated. Please contact us if you have any special requirements we will be happy to help you.
Things to consider when choosing someone to preserve the memory of your children's tiny, perfect hands and feet:
  • Are you comfortable with the person who will be working with your children?
  • Is the sculptor experienced?
  • Have you seen examples of their finished products? Not all companies have the same high standards as Tuesday's Child. Remember, poor quality will be remembered long after a cheap price is forgotten.
  • Is there a large range of professionally crafted frames and mat colours for you to choose from? 

Note: Decorative Birth Certificates and photos used in frames are supplied by our clients.