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We have very active social media accounts, please look us up "Tuesday's Child Baby Sculptures" to see our most recent work and videos. If you want to see what we do, take a look, links below.

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About us...

Since 2005, Tuesday's Child Baby Sculptures has been creating beautiful memories to be treasured for years to come. Framed sculptures make a wonderful keepsake and gift for parents, grand-parents & God-parents.
We have studios in Victoria and Western Australia, see our contact page for more information.

Tiny, perfect hands and feet are captured in exquisitely fine detail, using a completely non-toxic product showing an incredible amount of detail including tiny lines, wrinkles and often finger prints. Cast from the highest quality long life stone, we create an amazing three dimensional sculpture.

Sculptures are finished in a wide variety of metallic shades ranging from Silver, Gold, Champagne, Rose Gold, Copper & Pearl and our Antique Range. Presented in a custom Australian-made professionally crafted frame with plaques, they celebrate the beginning of a new life or cherish the end of a loved one's life.

Evolving into creating baby's cute little bottoms, hand holding statues and dog paws, our range is constantly expanding with client's requests. We have a huge range of frame styles and background colours for our clients to choose from See options here. Our look is modern and clean, our focus is to offer products in line with current fashion trends. We recognise it is important to continue to capture the attention of our stylish market of new mums and their babies. Product development is continuous and often driven by our valued and loyal clients.

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There is no age limit! We can create beautiful sculptures for children and family groups of any age.  

Your appointment takes around 45 minutes to an hour and you have a comprehensive range of frame styles and background colours to choose from. We can also frame your child's birth certificate in frame to match.

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Ultimate Memories

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Gift Certificates

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Gift Certificates are available and make a great gift

Buying a gift for a newborn baby can be hard! Many modern families have "everything they need"! A set of framed baby sculptures will never be "outgrown, broken or passed down". 

Sculptures are a very special and unique gift which will stand out from all the others. 

Perfect for baby showers, group gifts and a gift from the new grandparents to the new parents!

It's an easy transaction, pick up or bank transfer and have it mailed to your door. 

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Sleeping Babies ~ Angels

Families who have suffered the loss of a baby or child are very welcome. We will capture the beauty of their hands and feet for you to cherish. It is an honour and privilege to offer this service and we do it with the greatest respect and consideration for your loved one. Call us to discuss your needs. We are happy to make suggestions so we can be sure to create memories for you and your family to treasure.

Our Angels may be gone, but, never forgotten. x

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