Gift Certificates

Buying a gift for a newborn baby can be hard! Many modern families have "everything they need"! A set of framed baby sculptures will never be "outgrown, broken or passed down."  Perfect for baby showers, group gifts and a gift from the new grandparents to the new parents!

It's an easy transaction, pick up or bank transfer and have it mailed to your door. 

Choose from 2 certificates

  • A certificate for any value eg: $50, $100, $150, $200, $250, $300 it's up to you; or
  • A certificate for "2 hands and 2 feet with your photo and 2 plaques" valued at $230
Contact the nearest Tuesday's Child Baby Sculptures Studio to the new baby's family to arrange your very individual gift.  Contact us...
Your friends, family & work colleagues will love receiving a Gift Certificate for their baby's hand and feet sculptures.

Birth Certificates

Made to match your framed sculptures: $110 for a standard frame, $120 for a premium frame

Sculpture Colours

We have our historical range to match our returning clients.
Choose from our current range:
  • Silver, Gold, Champagne, Rose Gold, Deep Copper, Soft Copper and Pearl


Choose from our wide range of frames in 2 price brackets - Premium and Standard

Premium Frames

  • Our Premium Frames Range are from 40mm wide and are more decorative than the Standard Range, and are usually $10 to $15 more than the Standard Frames

Standard Range Frames

  • The Standard Range of frames are all 30mm wide and range from black, browns, white to silver and gold

Matboard Colours

Choose the "perfect" colour from our wide range of matboard colours

  • Ranging from whites and neutrals to shades of pink, blue and greens to work with your colour scheme


Choose from:
  • Gold, Rose Gold or Silver
  • English Script or Roman 2L fonts



Choose from:
  • Gold Shiny, Gold Matte, Black, White, Silver Matte, Gold Sparkly, Silver Sparkly
  • 7 gorgeous fonts to personalise your Signature Range frame